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Dan Maguire provides premium & professional Wildlife Removal Services

As Wildlife Control Officer, Dan Maguire is highly trained and experienced in the humane removal and relocation of any Nuisance Wildlife. He's been hired by individual home owners, towns, and businesses. He is CERTIFIED & LICENSED with N.Y.S.D.E.C. and N.W.C.O, and is INSURED. He is a graduate from the National Wildlife Damage Management Academy and Certified with: Trappers College, Fur Trappers Association (FTA) and Goose Academy. Dan is also certified as an Urban Marksman shooting in a sensitive environment by N.W.C.O.A. He graduated in 1964 from Paul Smith College of Forestry.

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When does a wild animal become a nuisance?

There's no universal answer because people react differently to wildlife. In New York, landowners have the right to decide whether or not a particular animal is a nuisance. If you believe you have a problem, call Dan Maguire!

What are the main causes for nuisance wildlife conflicts?

Many wildlife conflicts can be explained with two words: food and shelter. Provide them intentionally or accidentally, and some wild animal will probably accept the invitation. If you need help assessing a wildlife problem, call Dan Maguire!

How can I resolve a nuisance wildlife conflict?

Hunting and trapping may help reduce wildlife populations and alleviate some problems. Seeking a professional is recommended, and hiring a Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator can make it easier to resolve such problems. Feel free to call Dan Maguire!



Dan Maguire specializes in Coyote removal and was instrumental in training and advising both the trapper and police department that caught the coyote in Rye, NY in 2010. This incident was covered by the media as the coyote was aggressive and had attacked a young girl. Dan Maguire specializes in cases such as this.

Raccoons and other rodents

Dan Maguire's experience and knowledge make him one of the premier Wildlife Control Officers in the tri-state area. Raccoons are common throughout southern NY along with many other rodents that Dan encounters frequently. In turn, he is proficient at capturing, trapping, relocating, and when necessary, exterminating these nuisance wildlife animals.

Canada Geese and others

Canada Geese are common in the tri-state region and can sometimes cause problems. Whether it's due to their aggression or simply a public health concern due to over-population, Dan Maguire has the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best solution to resolve your geese problems. It's also important to note that Dan is able to assist with other types of birds as well.

Deer and other larger animals

Deer are common throughout NY and can reek havoc on your property when populations go up. Flower and vegetable gardens are ravaged and deer ticks can be present causing health concerns. With Dan's help, you can humanely deter these animals from entering your property.

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